After we got several requests from our clients, on how to create multistory stairs in Autodesk Revit, we decided to write this post as a visual guide.

In older versions of Revit, the way to create multistory stairs had been very different, but since it changed, this is what we are about to explore in this post! Let’s get started!

Walk with me through the following steps:

  1. Click Architecture tabCirculation panelundefined (which is the stair icon in Revit), and go ahead and start creating the desired stair component. Note that the Multistory stairs panel is currently grayed out as shown in Figure 1 and that it has only one button; which is “Connected Levels”.
  1. The “Connected Levels” button would be active once you finish drawing your initial sketch for the stairs you need.
  2. Once it is active, go to elevation view and choose the level you need those multistory stairs to connect.

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