Here is some good news, great new features included in the 2021 release of Autodesk Revit.

 Yes! Several new features and enhancements are became real in Revit 2021; that were suggested and voted up by Revit customers on the Ideas forum made by Autodesk.

In this post we will be looking at some of Autodesk’s enhancements for Revit 2021!

Autodesk included some highlights from their  Revit Roadmap (Previously released in 2019).

  • Here are some of those highlights:
  1. Create
  1. Optimize
  • Autodesk enhanced realistic views, through their graphic display options, check it here.
  • Now you can display Contrasting Rows in a Schedule, check their Striped rows in schedules on sheet views guide.
  • Above all, this is the most exciting in my opinion! Autodesk just made it possible to have a customized workspace. And that is by creating a user profile that allows Revit to provide recommendations for a personalized experience for the way you work.
  1. Connect

There’s still a lot to look at in Autodesk’s new Revit release. We will be exploring the new features of Revit 2021 in the upcoming post, make sure you don’t miss it by subscribing here!

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