The labels updated on the title-block are not syncing the update with the title-block back in the Revit project/Model. The update also only shows on one sheet, and not the rest.

Let’s look at the solution together!


What is happening here is that the label is changing locally, while you want it to function globally on multiple sheets.

So let’s go back to editing the titleblock family. And follow me through the following steps:

Go to “Manage” tab, and let’s create a shared parameter.

  1. Let’s create a shared parameter file called “Title-block Info”
  1. And let’s create a group for it.
  1. Then let’s create a new parameter, called “DATE”, set the Discipline to “Common”, and Type of Parameter to “Text”, click “ok”.
  1. After that, it is time for us to add the label to the title-block. Click , then click on the place you want to add the label in on the sheet. Then click the “add parameter” button.
  1. On the Parameter Properties dialog box, under Parameter Type, click the Select button. Select the Parameter called “DATE” from the Shared Parameters dialog box and click 

OK to apply it.

  1. In the Edit Label dialog box, scroll down and select “Issue” in the Category Parameters area. Then click the Add Parameter(s) to Label button and select OK to apply and close. ​
  1. Then back to your project, click on “project parameters” under “Manage” tab.
  2. In the project parameters window, click on “Add”
  1. In the Parameter Properties dialog box, under Parameter Type select Shared Parameter. Under Categories, scroll down and select Project Information. Click the Select button.
  2. In the Parameter Properties dialog box, click OK to apply and exit
  1. In the Project Parameters dialog box, click OK to apply and exit.
  1. Click Manage tab > Project Information.
  2. In the Instance Properties dialog box, enter a value to the Text parameter called DATE and click OK to apply.

I hope that helped you out regarding your work with title-block in Revit.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions!

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