Revit Project Base Point, Survey Point & Internal Origin, Get to know them!

Those three points usually leave people mazed and mixed-up, not sure of what they mean, which one is used for what purpose, and where to find them. But that’s okay, no worries, i told you; we’ve got you untangled in seconds.

Let’s look at each one of them in detail.

Project Base Point

  • Definition: It is a reference point that defines the origin of the project coordinate system (0,0,0).
  • Usage: It is used as a reference point for internal purposes such as:
    1. Placing internal dimension that are relative to the building.
    2. Setting the angle difference between True North & Project North.
    3. Referencing measurements across the site to it.

undefined Survey Point

  • Definition: It is a defining point for the origin of the survey coordinate system, that provides a real world context for the model.
  • Usage: It is used as an identification point to a real world location near the model, which helps in:
    1. Identifying a corner of the project site or property lines intersection.
    2. Creating a coordinate system that is shared across multiple linked Revit files.
    3. Setting a reference for the location that is very helpful when exporting and importing.


  • Definition: It is an internal, invisible and unmovable point that act as the basis of positioning all elements in the model.
  • Usage: It is used as an internal referencing point that is useful in:
    1. Aligning the imported or linked model, by setting the positioning option to Auto – Origin to Origin or Manual – Origin to Origin .
    2. Spotting coordinates, by modifying the spot coordinate type properties, and then changing the coordinate parameter to relative.

Looking forward to telling you more about those points in the upcoming post!

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